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Super Earth

The announcement of 50 newfound alien worlds (Sept. 12) included 16 so-called “super-Earths” and one planet that, just possibly, could be habitable, astronomers said.

The planet, called HD 85512 b, orbits the star HD 85512 about 35 light-years from Earth in the direction of the constellation Vela (the Sail). See a profile of the planet in the infographic above.


USB-equipped urban bikes can charge mobile devices

With so many gadgets and mobile devices in common use today, keeping them all charged has become an ongoing challenge. We’ve already seen numerous efforts to help consumers do just that in taxis and atfestivals, for example, but recently we came across a new approach targeting urban cyclists. Specifically, German bicycle maker Silverback has recently launched two bikes with built-in USB ports that can charge devices as the rider pedals. READ MORE…

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